SUCCESS Semester

This SUCCESS semester provides the foundation for success in a revolutionary way that redefines what success is and feels like in your life.   By focusing on your personal, professional, relational, self-care, and of course financial success, we aren't just going to create massive permanent change fast. We are also going to loosen the bonds of the patriarchy throughout your entire being, creating a holistic and synergistic freedom you have never known was so refreshing. 

The SUCCESS semester contains six powerful online courses. Click on the course links below to see a video explaining each course in detail.

Success Semester Bonuses

Who doesn’t love a few bonuses, gifts, and moments of feeling o’so special? Here is what is in store for you when you sign up for your SUCCESS semester

  • Bonus 1:
    Live webinar about the 5 Anti-Dotes to Self-Doubt

  • Bonus 2:
    Live webinar with “Fear Buster” Tapping methods to release your fear of failure and your fear of success!

  • Bonus 3:

    Webinar training around self-care just in time for the new year!

  • Bonus 4:
    Live Webinar 90min for students to define their success in all areas of their life and to have written goals for the next 3, 6 and 12 months on their own terms!