EVElutionary™ Living 101: Sustainable Success

No one wants to be a “One Hit Wonder.” We want our work and ourselves to matter today as well as years to come. To do this we must shed the societal mindset of “success” and reframe what success is to us and how it is created. We must begin to think of success as a sustainable lifestyle.


Course Objective: 

Understanding how the patriarchal definition of success was hurting you and being empowered to define success on your own terms for sustainable happiness and fulfillment in all areas of your life

  • Discover your own Definition of Success

  • Understand where your current success habits have come from

  • Learn about your old habit's strength as well as how you are sabotaging yourself

  • Get the blueprint for a healthier more sustainable definition of success to define for yourself

  • Be personally guided through a ritual to make the shift from fake success to sustainable real success

  • Use the checklist of criteria and qualities to measure your progress moving forward

  • Create your personalized vision for the ultimate success in all areas of your life.

  • Leave feeling empowered, inspired and motivated to be wildly successful on your own terms in a healthy way which will prevent you from ever burning our or giving up


Course Logistics:

  • This course is delivered over three classes and four videos.

  • This course also includes Super Women Feelings, Sustainable Success Tool Box, and Fairy Queen coloring poster handouts.