Relationships 101: Conscious Communication

People may listen to you, but do they hear you? Do you hear them? With many of us hearing missing on average 10 seconds of every minute of spoken conversation it is easy to see why poor communication negatively impacts every aspect of our lives.


Course Objective:

  • Discover the fundamental two layers of any communication with anyone

  • Learn how to heighten your awareness for what is not being said

  • Understand the four sides of every message

  • Uncover how to see someone's strengths and weaknesses in communication

  • Learn how to sharpen your own listening skills

  • Broaden the ways you can listen and decipher the real messages being shared

  • Speak AND Listen more intentionally

  • Master how to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts


Course Logistics:

  • This course is delivered over three classes and five videos.

  • This course also includes the Foundational Elements of Communication handout.