Relationships 201: Fulfilled Success

Having all that you desire be it physically, socially, or emotionally is all possible. You don’t need to wait for the perfect job, the perfect body, the perfect time, the perfect income status - you can fulfill your needs right now when you understand the root of what you are really wanting.

Stop surrendering the control of your life and success to others or society at large. Take back your power and live your EVElutionary™ life with purpose.


Course Objective:

  • Understand the difference between basic human needs, inner child needs, and mature adult needs.

  • Discover the difference between the ego, your inner child and how these relationships show up in your adult life

  • Learn to analyze self-sabotaging patterns from your inner child's perspective

  • Bond, communicate and develop strategies to fulfill your inner child in previously unknown ways

  • Become a nurturing conscious parent for your own inner child

  • Stop sabotaging your relationships by projecting unmet childhood needs on other people or situations

  • Embrace the free powerful mature woman you truly are

  • Unleash your inner child’s strength of playfulness, lightness, and creativity

  • Develop rituals and strategies to ensure your inner child’s support for your grown-up projects

  • Leave empowered to pursue your dreams in full partnership with your inner child


Course Logistics:

  • This course is delivered over three classes and six videos.

  • This course also includes: Feelings of Un-met Needs, The 5 Classes of Human Needs, Feelings of Needs met, The 6 Areas of Inner-Child Collaborative Life-Style handouts.