Success 101: Set Yourself Up for Success

We all know we need to take care of ourselves so that we can fully step into our success filled lives. Far too often we shortchange ourselves for our clients, kids, and co-workers.

Empowering ourselves for success doesn’t mean getting up super early to have 5 hours of alone time. Empowering yourself for success is about creating smart daily rituals that train your body, mind, and spirit to live at optimal levels for the specific day at hand.

Course Objective: 

In this training, you learn everything you need to know to start and end every day of your life for maximum feel-good factor and setting yourself up for maximum productivity, results, and fulfillment on all levels: physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually!

  • Learn the secrets of highly successful people at all times and cultures

  • Understand the true power of habits

  • Design a vision of how you want to be mastering their everyday life

  • Define the habits which will form you into the person you need to be to have your dream success

  • Create your own habit tracking sheet to break old sabotaging habits while establishing your new defined healthy habits

  • Embrace the power of accountability

  • Discover the supportive power of choice-architecture

  • Learn how to use your whole brain to support your efforts and not just will-power

  • Create a new relationship with discipline, repetition, resilience, and stamina

  • Take action and succeed at the things you never thought possible for you

  • Leave with higher levels of confidence, focus, energy, and productivity

Course Logistics:

  • This course is delivered over three classes and three videos.

  • This course is an integral part of the SUCCESS QUARTER. It’s not available as a stand-alone course.

  • This course also includes The 5 Cs Evening Ritual, The 5 Morning Greetings, and The ABC of Need-Management handouts.

Ali Craig101, Sustainable Success