Success 201: The Science of Success

The great news is that you can change any aspect of your life, career, or relationships that you want to.

Yes, you are in control. And the bad news is, yes, you are in control.

By understanding the power of your biology - body and mind - you can reset your success standards, end the overwhelm, and start seeing the results your heart yearns for. This course gives you everything you need to overcome self-sabotaging habits, self-doubt, and resistance against doing what you know you need to do to create your dream life!

Course Objective: 

Through this pioneering course you will understand your amazing brain as the key to being successful in all areas of your life. You will dismantle some mainstream misconceptions about how success comes about and leave empowered to be an expert in stopping your ow self-sabotage. You get tools to align your sub-conscious mind with your conscious goals, so you become an unstoppable, results producing EVElutionary™ women.

  • Discover how your conscious and your subconscious mind operate differently

  • Learn how to overcome the frustration causing secret of your will-power

  • Understand resistance in such a way that it gives you what you want

  • Find out how self-sabotage derails you with innocent symptoms

  • Discover how your confidence level is depending on your relationship with your own mind

  • Stop that inner "tug-of-war" and know what you want

  • Learn how to enjoy inner peace no matter your circumstances

  • Why and how to brainwash yourself

  • How to change your mind so it is aligned with your dreams

  • Create more energy for living an active life

  • Learn how to become unstoppable

Course Logistics:

  • This course is delivered over six classes and nine videos.

  • This course is an integral part of the SUCCESS QUARTER. It’s not available as a stand-alone course.

  • This course also includes: List of Symptoms of Lack of Brain-Alignment, Evidence of Growing Brain-Alignment, The ABC of Need-Management, The 6 Classes of Core-Identity-Beliefs with Examples, Your Space of Possibilities, Re-writing Your Story, The Art of EVElutionarySelf-Design handouts.